Saturday, 25 May 2013

Day 27 - Rights for Life

Johannesburg - The Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) was asked to make an upfront payment of R200 000 for the planned protest against e-tolls and not R2m, the Johannesburg metro police said on Friday. 

"It was R200 000, not R2m," said spokesperson Wayne Minnaar.

Minnaar said the charge was a monetary guarantee for protection against potential damage.
He said they did not always charge for protests.

"We charge only if we are of the view that there might be damage or injury during the protest."
The decision to charge Cosatu was based on their previous protest against e-tolls.

Cosatu Gauteng secretary Dumisani Dakile told protesters on Friday, that the JMPD had asked for an upfront payment of R2m for the e-toll protest to go ahead.

"We have never paid money in order to exercise our constitutional right. We are not prepared to pay even half a cent... let them go to hell."


Wow… I cannot say that this is unbelievable as the level of corruption is so bad that things like this have become realistic expectations of the world we live in today. What is the point of the rights we have if they are not even upheld. They are saying that for you to go and protest you have to pay a deposit “just in case” there are damages. It is obviously reasonable to have the main protesting group to pay if there are damages After the strike – but not beforehand! 

If rights were being upheld, workers wouldn’t have a reason to go protesting. If rights were being upheld, police and government officials wouldn’t have a reason to participate in corruption as there would be no reason to be spiteful towards a society in which, each ones interests are looked after with the utmost care. 

Is it not time to work towards a better society, a better system, a better future?

Please join us in discussion and support the new bill of rights:

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