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Day 32 - Why do I need a Degree I'm a Government Official?

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Pietermaritzburg - KwaZulu-Natal municipal officials will be compelled to undergo training in the event of poor audits, the province said on Thursday. 

"We are on the point of introducing compulsory training programmes with relevant modules for officials in municipalities, that have received poor audit reports," Co-operative Governance MEC Nomusa Dube told journalists in Pietermaritzburg.

The province currently does not allow elected councillors to receive bonuses or award bonuses to municipal officials of municipalities, which have received adverse reports from the auditor general.

Dube - speaking ahead of presenting her department's annual budget to the provincial legislature - said the performance of the province's municipalities had improved since 2009.

Turning to the controversial Manase Report - a 700-page forensic audit report on fraud and corruption in the eThekwini Metro - Dube said the date for its release would be announced within a "few days".

She would, however, not commit to when that would be.

Durban's councillors, who agreed to sign a secrecy clause, were allowed to see the report.


Is it not reasonable to assume that government officials be taught how to their jobs Before being allowed to start working? The apparent reason for the “compelled training” is that some officials got bad audits and officials with bad audits cannot receive bonuses, the fact that the people don’t know how to do their jobs doesn’t matter.

Would it not be more prudent to, when someone applies for the job of an official, their qualifications cover the job that they are applying for or\and are put through training so as to ensure the official is able to perform their duties effectively?

Looking at the state of the country combined with articles of this nature, this simple Preventative measures have not been implemented or possibly not even considered.

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