Friday, 31 May 2013

Day 33 - Forgive me Father for I have Sinned!

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“Cape Town - Anonymous Facebook confession sites are going viral as thousands of university students confess their most intimate thoughts.

The craze started with the Facebook page UCT Confessions, which allows students to post messages anonymously using a code via Google.”

“Many are inappropriate for publication, and concerns have been raised that the nature of the confessions may damage the reputation of the university.

According to the Cape Argus, the creators want to remain anonymous, but said they wanted a platform where students could be heard anonymously: “Not everyone wants to associate themselves with their opinion”.

- News24

The backchat confession booth of a University, where all can come and splurge their disturbing selfish thoughts without repercussion, has nicely displayed – for all to see – the Nastiness of the human psyche.

It is fascinating that people are reacting as if this wasn’t to be expected. What I mean is that if you look at the workings of your own mind, you must realize that our thoughts as our secrets are not a pretty picture. We can present ourselves as the best and the most beautiful things in the world, but in reality, well just look at the world as the world is representing the truth of human nature in every aspect.

What is the purpose of this site if the people that use it are not held responsible for the thoughts that they are revealing? The fact that these people are posting on this site and sites such as these is usually in the benefit of themselves in terms of the ego boost they get when people read, like or comment on the post that they made – without the people knowing who wrote it.

It is similar to going to a Church Confession Booth and expecting that if you confessed your sins and say ten "Hail Mary's", that you are now forgiven and apparently cleansed, when obviously nothing has really changed, because you haven't really investigated the thoughts and taken responsibility for them in having a look at how you have to change yourself to correct the origin of the problem.

The solution that I see is that the people get assistance and training in how to deal with the thoughts and feelings so as to see how to work through their issues and take responsibility for themselves and their words and actions through utilising the tools that are available here: 

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