Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 29 - Reactively Harmed

This article is about how the government is bringing in hackers to test and improve the security of data in departments across the South African government in the wake of a cyber-attack by hackers on the SA Police force.
Craig Rosewarne, chairperson of the Information Security Group Africa, said his group had repeatedly warned government decision makers of the importance of data security.

"Unfortunately, we’re just going to have to wait for more ­incidents to take place and more public pressure around these ­issues before we see the urgency needed."
The fascinating thing about this statement is that it reflects how the World deals with problems, where the World is always in a reactive state towards problem solving, instead of utilising a preventative approach. 

If you look at a Reactive problem solving technique, the problem that becomes apparent is that for you to react, you must first have something to react to, meaning that the problem must first play out. This would mean that the problem has already caused whatever harm it was going to cause.

If you look at a Preventative problem solving technique, you no longer have to wait for harm to occur as you would be preventing all foreseeable problems before they occur. This would mean that there would be a significant reduction in harmful problems. 

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