Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 34 - Animals Deserve Better

Why is it that people would torture an animal before slaughtering and eating them? It’s bad enough that we need to consume animals for our own survival, but is it really necessary to torture them beforehand?

From my perspective: would it not be better to give the animals the best possible life they can have and once they are old and their quality of life is being reduced by their age, to then only consider slaughtering them for human consumption. 

For another point: the person that wants to consume the animal - should take part in the upbringing and welfare of the animals during its lifetime.

I can see that people would not be as willing to eat meat after they have assisted in raising the animal that the meat has come from, but it is not considered that the meat you buy in a store was also an animal once and most of them suffer throughout their lives for the benefit and satisfaction of people around the world. If the animal was to have a full and enjoyable life, then when you kill them you are not depriving an animal of a life, but allowing them to end their life with dignity.

The same should be done of humans, as once they are dead their bodies can be used to feed animals so that we can give back as we have received. Of course all meat needs to be checked to see if it is safe for consumption in terms of any medication that was taken by the human that can harm the animal.

If you agree with this, or have similar ideas join us for discussion here:

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