Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 36 - The Power of Community

The power of community is a documentary about how Cuba survived when their oil supplies were cut off. You can watch the video here:

I watched this documentary and the point that was made apparent was that if people don’t manage to get out of their personal little bubbles by the time that oil runs out, there is very little chance that human civilization will survive.

The documentary was displaying how Cubans had to learn to work together in a Community to grow their own food without the use of modern technology and pesticides.

Imagine if there was no oil, you wouldn’t have electricity, pesticides, petrol, plastic, etc. How would you survive?

Without the petrol and pesticides, modern farming would be impossible – meaning that food would be hard to come by. What the Cubans did is learn to farm utilizing every space they had available and to farm by working WITH nature instead of against it.

At one point in the documentary they make an interesting statement in the line of: If you asked all of Cuba to turn off their lights for a day, they would do it but, if you asked all Americans to turn off their lights for a day, they would say ‘Why? I paid for it!’

It makes you think that the only way people will learn is when the oil actually runs out and they have to change through pain and suffering instead of preventing the problem before it occurs, as it is an eventuality.

The Equal Life Foundation and Equal Money Capitalism suggest to re-grow and re-cultivate community-based living.

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