Thursday, 29 August 2013

Day 41 - The Children of our Future

My agreement partner and I have been looking at having a child soon and I have come to realise a few points in terms of taking on the responsibility of a child. From my perspective the responsibility of a child is in principle the same as the responsibility of taking care of animals. What I mean is that the core principles remain and what I see as the core principles is that we have to be willing to dedicate our time to train the child how to live in a world full of abuse but, never let go of his principles and that we have to be able to accept the financial responsibility that comes with their upbringing.

I see a lot of people go into fear about having children. For me the fear is that I will pass on “bad” physical genes and that the points that the child has to overcome from my DNA will be more than necessary. I realise that the child will have points both physical and personal that are passed on through our DNA that the child must work through no matter how much I want them to be ‘invulnerable’.

The main point - from my perspective – that is different to the responsibility of raising an animal or raising a child, is that the animal does not have my DNA within themselves and that the child does. Within this, the perception is easily created that it is like fixing someone else’s fuckup instead of my own. From my mind’s perspective, it enables me to place the responsibility for a lot of the animal’s base character designs within something other than myself, whereas with a child the responsibility for his base character design comes undeniably from me and my partner.

I am not saying that the act of raising a child and an animal is the same; I am only trying to say the principles of how to raise them are. I will teach them how to live within common sense and show them how to consider what is best for all in every decision they make. I show my animals this point as much as possible, but there is a communication ‘barrier’ that makes it more difficult. I am confident in the fact that I will be able to bring the message of “do unto another as you would like to be done unto” either as clearly or more clearly to my children.

I ask my animals to treat me with the same respect I show to them and that is all I would ask of my child, taking into account the unfortunate difficulties of this world that the child would have to be shown – how to work with and how to survive in a world of greed. I will have to teach them about the world even though I did not enjoy it when I was young. I will ensure that the child is able to stand no matter how hard the shit hits the fan – which would mean that it will not be easy but it will be necessary for them to learn about the how and the why the world works the way it does now.

I would’ve preferred to bring my child into a world that I can be proud of and that the child would be safe but, children that are taught that they must stand together to change the world are necessary to assist in the change that will come. (Note: I am not saying that everyone should have kids now, I am rather placing my current process into understanding and due to the fact that I have had an upbringing mainly based on support within the principle of what is best for all – as my father was standing this example throughout my life – I am clear on the fact that at this stage in my process and my life, I can support a child effectively. The decision to have a child will be made by each one according to their own process and of course the ability to support a child financially.)

I ask now for the forgiveness of my child or children for the amount of responsibility I am laying on their shoulders.

I ask that they realise that there is no other way to ensure that the world will change sooner rather than them having to pass it on to their children.

I realise that my children will have the best life that I can provide for them, but they will not be able to live free until all can stand together, equal as one, for what is best for all.

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