Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day 9 - Driving Scared - Writing only

On my last driving lesson I drove in town for an hour with the instructor taking me along the path that I will drive on my test day so that I will be “used to it” when I do my test. During my lesson the one point that I had to remember while driving was to check every road that connected to the road that I was busy driving on. While I was driving I had to slightly turn my head to every intersection that I drove through while I was driving to show the instructor that I was checking. Meaning that while I drove I had to turn my head so that the instructor could see and keep an eye on the road all at the same time, quite unnerving to say the least, I mean I have to watch the road while making sure that the instructor sees that I am checking the roads! I check the roads the roads as I drive but the showing the person next to you while in traffic thing is really freaking scaring!!!

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  1. That could be an unforgettable experience. We have to remember though that there are a million more scenarios in the road that we will have to deal with in the future. Even something as simple as going in reverse can eat up our focus and leave us fumbling. We must have the presence of mind every time we are in behind the wheel.